Take-Home Kits

We are pleased to welcome a new addition to the Play with Clay experience! An at-home ceramic-making and ceramic-painting kit with everything you need to craft your own clay objects which includes firing and handling services to ensure your creations last for a very long time! Our step-by-steps guides will help ease you through the entire process to ensure you fall in love with ceramics! 

Visit our studio at 198 Locke St. S to chose your kit from a wide selection and variety of pieces.  

What's included?

  • Your choice of ready-to-glaze pottery
  • Your choice of five shiny, bright coloured glazes
  • Two glazing brushes with soft bristles. 
  • A printed how-to guide to give you tips and tricks for painting your masterpiece. 
  • Handling and firing services from Play with Clay

How does it work?

Using the tools provided you can paint your own unique design on pottery to create your own functional or decorative (well... both) piece of pottery. We recommend turning on your favorite playlist, binge watching your favorite TV show, or inviting a friend to a zoom or a socially distanced backyard painting party! 

Once you're done....

Once you've finished glazing, bring back your piece to Play with Clay and we'll fire your piece up to 1888 degrees Fahrenheit. Please allow exactly one week for firing and call Play with Clay to arrange a pick-up time.  

Got any more questions? Shoot us an e-mail hello@playwithclay.ca or give us a call 905-525-2225.   

What's include?

  • Creamy white stoneware clay - perfect for hand-building small objects, vases, and more! 
  • A printed how-to guide to give you tips and tricks to create your masterpiece. 
  • Underglazes (our fancy paint) to seal your pottery with a unique, glossy and colourful design
  • Handling and firing services from Play with Clay to ensure your creation lasts a long time! 

Once you're done...

Once you've finished making and painting your piece, gently return it to the studio for firing. Wrap your piece in a towel or bubble wrap and transport in a basket or show box and avoid bumps and bashing while in transport. And please, if you have a handle, do not grab your piece by the handle! We will fire your piece up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit in our spicy hot ovens to make the piece strong and durable. 

When can I collect my finished item? 

Please allow 2 weeks for firing as our kilns are working super hard to get your pieces fired! After two week, give the studio a call to arrange a pick-up time. Please note: we do not call you. 

Got any more questions? Shoot us an e-mail hello@playwithclay.ca or give us a call 905-525-2225. 

Pottery Painting// Tips and Tricks!

1) Apply 1-2 coats of paint for a wash/watercolour effect, 3 coats of paint for a solid look. 

2) All pottery gets a clear coat of glaze, therefore, spots left unpainted end up a glossy white.

3) Colour may appear dull and pastel like until it is fired. Once it is fire, your pottery will have a glossy shine! 

4) If you spill paint or make a mistake on your piece, the paint wipes away with a little bit of water.

5) Pencil and scuff marks burn off in the kiln! 

7) Have fun!