Take-Home Kits

Enjoy your pottery and clay crafts from the comfort of home!

Pottery Painting// Tips and Tricks!

1) Apply 1-2 coats of paint for a wash/watercolour effect, 3 coats of paint for a solid look. 

2) All pottery gets a clear coat of glaze, therefore, spots left unpainted end up a glossy white.

3) Colour may appear dull and pastel like until it is fired. Once it is fire, your pottery will have a glossy shine! 

4) If you spill paint or make a mistake on your piece, the paint wipes away with a little bit of water.

5) Pencil and scuff marks burn off in the kiln! 

7) Have fun! 

Clay building tricks! 

Clay building is a great way to get your hands messy and create a long lasting work of art! Pick up a hunk of clay from Play with Clay then click the videos to learn how to create! prices vary depending on what you make! 

Floral impressions! 

1) Roll out your clay to a thumb width (note* if you don't have a rolling pin at home, use a wine bottle!)

2) Decorate your clay using textures or carve your design using a dull pencil

3) Roll your rolling pin over your design pressing your texture into the clay, be careful not to roll your clay thinner than your pinky. 

4) Wrap your creation in saran wrap and return it to the studio to dry and fire.

5) Once your piece has been fired, it is ready to paint! 

Build a mug!

1) Roll out the clay to about a pinky width.

2) Cut out the clay in a long rectangle (approx. 10''x4")

3) Decorate your clay using textures or carve a design into the clay! 

4) Score the end and add a touch of water, bring the ends together to form a cylinder

5) Roll out your bottom and cut a circle slightly larger than the size of your cylinder. Score the outer edge of the circle where it will meet the bottom of the cylinder, and score bottom of cylinder. Add water and join the two pieces blending the excess clay from bottom piece into the cylinder.

6) Roll or cut out your handle, score both ends as well as where the handle will meet the mug and add water to attach handle to mug! 

7) Bring mug back to the studio for firing then glaze!